Push Unite Paintball Mask (black / blue)

Push_Unite_Paintball_Maske_2019_Farbe_schwarz_blau Push_Unite_Paintball_Maske_schwarz_blau_front Push_Paintball_Maskenbeutel Push_Unite_Paintball_Maske_schwarz_blau_side Oush_Unite_Paintball_Maske_schaum Push_Unite_Goggle_Bag_Maskenbeutel Push_Unite_Goggle_Bag_Maskenbeutel_offen Push_Unite_Maske_Magnet_Kinn_Strap Push_Unite_Paintball_Thermal_Maske_Details
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Product description

The new push paintball mask was developed in cooperation with former pro players from the USA and experienced paintball product designers who have already worked with numerous well-known companies in the industry. The result is an interesting mask that can play at the top in terms of quality. Only the best materials were processed.

In addition, the Push Unite mask has numerous new features and functions that no other mask on the market has yet.

The innovations / novelties of the Push UNITE mask:

- Adjustable mask in the area of the nose (precisely and individually adjustable for optimal wearing comfort)

- Chin strap with quick-release magnet (can be operated with one hand)

- Hard-shell mask case in the 3D design of the mask

- 16 strategically placed ventilation zones in the frame for optimal breathing

- Anti-Reflection Bridge (attachment on the frame, above the glass. Prevents light reflections)

In addition, of course, there are the numerous features that are already known from various other top paintball masks on the market. Among other things

- high-quality, anti-reflective mask glasses

. Quick-change system for the makeup glasses

- Ultra-light mask frame with flexible earpads

- 3-layer mask foam for optimal comfort

- Rubberized mask strap for optimal hold on the head

The delivery takes place, as shown, with a high-quality, mirrored thermal mask glass in a color matching the mask design.

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