Push Division One Gun Bag Strap Kit

Push_Division_One_Gun_Bag_Paintball_Markierer_Tasche_strap_grau Push_Division_One_Gun_Bag_Paintball_Markierer_Tasche_strap_rot Push_Division_One_Gun_Bag_Paintball_Markierer_Tasche_strap_tan
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The delivery time is at least 10-14 days, if the item is available from supplier.

Product description

The Push Backpack Strap Kits have been specially developed for the Push paintball marker bag series. The Backpack Strap Kit turns every push bag into a backpack. This can then be carried on the back. Many push bags also have such a strap as standard.

The straps are available in many different colors, so everyone can freely put together their desired design of the bag. It also helps a lot when several players in the team have the same bag, so you are guaranteed to always find yours again.

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