Powair MAXREG SHP Paintball Regulator (200 Bar / 3000 PSI) - 1100 PSI out!

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Product description

PowAir now also has a Super High Pressure (SHP) paintball regulator with a maximum output pressure of 1100 PSI. The inexpensive alternative to Ninja products and in the usual good PowAir product quality.

The PowAir MAXREG SHP regulators offer high-end product features and top quality at an incredibly good price. All regulators are tested to the PI and thus withstand the highest European test standards.

The list of product features is long, among other things, the PowAir MAXREG regulator has a double set of O-rings on the threaded neck for improved tightness on the ASA. The color of the O-rings is also adapted to the working pressure of the regulator.

ORANGE = 300 bar / 4500 PSI regulator

GREEN = 200 bar / 3000 PSI regulator

Inside, this regulator works with shims (most regulators use springs these days), these are not only more constant in the working pressure, but also offer a constant working pressure for much longer because they practically do not wear out. The SHP regulator has an outlet pressure of 1100 PSI (approx. 75 bar) as standard. This is more than most paintball markers need, making the PowAir MaxReg SHP Regulator an absolute special product for a small group of users.

Other features are the filling nipple with integrated micro filter against dirt particles and the 20mm micro pressure gauge with PowAir logo. Like all burst disks, both are also kept in an attractive AllBlack finish (black), which gives the regulator a great look.

A colour-coordinated filling nipple protection and a protective thread cap for transport round off the package.

A really excellent overall package and at a price for which you can hardly get a cheap standard regulator. For us, it is therefore clearly the currently best product in terms of price-performance ratio.

Product details of the PowAir MAXREG 200 Bar SHP Regulator:

- High quality materials

- PI tested for maximum security

- Working pressure 200 bar / 3000 PSI

- Standard outlet pressure 1100 PSI / 75 Bar (SHP)

- Double colored ASA O-rings

- Filling nipple with micro filter (black)

- 20mm micro pressure gauge with PowAir logo

- Black burst disks as standard

- Filling nipple protection (rubber)

- Thread protection cap (plastic)

- Supplied in a sturdy, printed box

ATTENTION - This model is a SHP (Super High Pressure) regulator with an output pressure of 1100 PSI / approx. 75 bar. Using the regulator with E-Pneumatic Paintball Markers can cause serious damage.

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