Powair filling nipple cover / dust protection for HP regulators (pack of 2) ORANGE

PowAir_Fuellnippelcover_Gummi_orange_Onlineshop PowAir_Fuellnippelcover_Gummi_orange PowAir_Fuellnippelcover_Gummi_orange_2er_pack PowAir_Fuellnippelcover_Gummi_orange_auf_regulator
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Product description

PowAir rubber filling nipple protection. Easy assembly without tools and optimal protection for your HP regulator against dust, shock, impact or moisture.

Delivery quantity: 2 pieces

Supplied in a pack of 2 with 2 filling nipple covers of the same colour.

Available in the colors black, white, red, blue, green, orange and yellow.

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