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Playing paintball in Leese – Let's go to the P2 playing field
Monday March 19, 2018

P2 – The large paintball facility at the Steinhuder Meer

The pitch of P2 is in Leese, which is not far from the Steinhuder Meer. With over 80,000 square meters , the facility is one of the largest paintball fields in the Hanover area.

At the same time, the Leese paintball field is one of the oldest in the industry, paintball has been played here for over 15 years. At peak times, a few hundred players were guests every day.

7 large playing fields promise lots of paintball action

Leisure and occasional paintballers get their money's worth at P2 in Leese , as do die-hard professionals who regularly play paintball.

The facility now offers 7 differently designed playing fields and is modernized and expanded year after year. If you feel like it, you can storm the hill in the middle of the playing field on the large forest playing field or fight a hot color battle between wrecked cars and bales of straw on one of the smaller and much faster scenario playing fields.

If you prefer sport, then the large Supair playing field is the right place for you. The tournament field is located right at the entrance and can be seen by everyone from there. A grandstand invites visitors and onlookers to linger. Here you can watch the league teams in training. An impressive sight, especially for hobby players. There is a slightly different atmosphere on the tournament field than in the leisure area.

Paintball Leese – Germany's largest XSeries field.

Tournament paintballers are guaranteed not to miss out at P2 either. Under the new operator Andreas Hobusch, in cooperation with XSeries league coordinator and OWL Sharks watch stone Sven Harmßen, Leese has developed into the largest and most visited XSeries location in Germany in recent years.

The demand for tournament sports in Leese is so great that in 2018 there will even be a second tournament field on the facility. Leese wants to further consolidate his position in the Germany-wide tournament circuit and is the starting point for numerous teams from all over Lower Saxony in the summer season.

In 2018, the XSeries will again be represented in 3 divisions at the Leese location. The amateur area in 3-man format for beginners forms the entry into the XSeries Paintball League . This is followed by the 5-man format in the XSeries Novide Division for larger teams. Anyone who counts among the pros competes in the XSeries Challenger and fights for the title of German XSeries champion in the national final.

We are looking forward to an exciting season.

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