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Planet Eclipse EMF100 Full Auto Kit, Hellfire Switch, Paintball, Paintball Equipment
Wednesday November 15, 2023

Planet Eclipse EMF100 Full Auto Kit – An upgrade with Hellfire Switch

Paintball is an exciting sport that requires skill, tactics and the right equipment. If you are looking for an upgrade to your paintball equipment, consider the Planet Eclipse EMF100 Full Auto Kit. In this article you will learn everything about this impressive kit and the Hellfire Switch that goes with it.

The Planet Eclipse EMF100 fully automatic kit

The Planet Eclipse EMF100 fully automatic kit is a high-quality upgrade for your paintball marker. It's designed to boost your performance on the field and take your paintball experience to the next level. With this kit you can transform your marker into a powerful fully automatic machine that can fire at lightning speed in critical moments.

The advantages of the EMF100 fully automatic kit include:

  • High firing rate: The fully automatic function allows you to react quickly to targets and maintain control of the field.
  • Precision: The kit is designed to deliver precise shots, improving your accuracy.
  • Easy Installation: Installing the kit is easy and does not require advanced technical knowledge.

The Planet Eclipse EMF100 Hellfire Switch

Another impressive feature of the EMF100 kit is the Hellfire Switch. This switch allows you to switch between different firing modes including semi-auto, burst mode and of course full auto. This gives you the flexibility to adapt your style of play depending on the situation.

The Hellfire Switch is easy to use and allows you to adjust your firing rate and rate of fire exactly to your liking. This is particularly useful when playing in different game scenarios and environments.


The Planet Eclipse EMF100 Full Auto Kit combined with the Hellfire Switch is an impressive upgrade for paintball enthusiasts. It allows you to customize your equipment and increase your performance on the field. If you are looking for a way to improve your paintball game, you should definitely consider this kit.

Don't miss the opportunity to upgrade your paintball equipment and experience an even more exciting game. Order the Planet Eclipse EMF100 Full Auto Kit and Hellfire Switch today and be ready for breathtaking paintball adventures!

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