Planet Eclipse EMEK PAL QD Low Cap Hopper (Black)

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Product description

Planet Eclipse PAL QD Hopper

The PAL QD Hopper works without batteries and achieves up to 10 fps. A pin in the marker feed raises a kind of seesaw in the marker with every shot. This seesaw puts the paintballs in an optimal position so that a rate of fire of up to 10 balls per second can be achieved.

The PAL system is completely pneumatic and does not affect the efficiency of the marker in any way. The production of glass fiber reinforced nylon makes the hopper light and robust. The scope of delivery includes an additional "Quick Disconnect" feedneck, which was primarily developed for use on the field and makes handling easier. By pressing the pin, the supply of paintballs is blocked and the hopper can be removed from the marker without losing the paintballs.


- Extra feed neck

- Up to 10FPS

- less ball jamming

- Works without battery

- Suitable for Cal. 50 & Cal. 68

- Flexible lid


Height: 104mm

Length: 170mm

Width: 87mm

Capacity: about 100 paintballs

ATTENTION: Only suitable for EMEK, EMF100 & ETHA 2. In order to be able to use the PAL function, a corresponding marker is required.

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