Planet Eclipse CS3 paintball marker PRESTIGE (blue/gold)

According to the German Weapons Act, not allowed under 18 years of age.
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Product description

Planet Eclipse CS3 paintball marker in the exclusive Color Switch special color PRESTIGE (blue/gold)

The CS3 is the most advanced spool valve marker Planet Eclipse has ever developed. The new OP Core bolt system is unparalleled. In combination with the 50% enlarged valve chamber, this finest piece of engineering works in a working pressure range of only 95-105 psi!

In addition to the reduced shot noise and improved efficiency, a performance increase of 20% compared to the CS2 Pro is achieved. The bolt system is completed by the new Cure FT bolt, which offers a higher air flow and can shoot even more brittle paint.

The new Modular Marker Electronics Package (MME), which was presented for the first time with the LV2, has found its way into the CS platform. In combination with the new tool-free grip shells, which extend beyond the snatch grip, the MME offers everything a gamer's heart desires. Thanks to the modular design, the MME can be expanded with new modules in just a few moments.

The new, three-piece Shaft S63 Pro barrel system is also included. Probably the best sleeve barrel system in the world offers specially developed 8.5" long PWR sleeves, a barrel back with Autococker Quick thread and a new Pro Tip with offset double helix bore.

The Planet Eclipse CS3 gives the competitive paintball player everything they need and more. The CS3 is designed to dominate the world's pitches, no matter the level and in any weather.


- **NEW** CS3 Milled Aluminum Body

- **NEW** CS3 Quick Release Bolt Mechanism

- **NEW** CS3 Frame with new ergonomics and more freedom of movement

- **NEW** CS3 OP-Core bolt system

- **NEW** CS3 Cure FT bolt

- **NEW** CS3 Fully Decouple Drive (FDD)

- **NEW** CS3 Auto Dwell Dynamics (ADD)

- **NEW** CS3 Low Profile POPS

- **NEW** CS3 tool-free grip panels

- **NEW** Modular and three-piece S63 barrel system including .689 and .685 PWR case

- **NEW** Modular Marker Electronics Package (MME) incl. Bluetooth (BLE) interface

- **NEW** Only 95-105 Psi working pressure thanks to 50% larger valve chamber

- **NEW** New Lowrise Feedneck with Lever Locator

- Quick Release Eye Cover

- Tubeless design

- Tool-free Lock N'Load battery holder

- Requires only 2x AA batteries

- SL5 inline regulator in grip frame

- All electronics are in the frame

- 100% Mech compatible (Mech Frame is sold separately)

Scope of delivery:

- Cloth-covered aluminum case with zipper

- Planet Eclipse CS3

- An S63 barrel front part 14.5"

- An S63 barrel back

- Two S63 PWR cases in .689 and .685

- Planet Eclipse allen key set

- Planet Eclipse Grease, 10ml

- Planet Eclipse running sock

- CS3 spare parts set

- Manual, English

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