PBRack Flow Gloves Paintball Gloves 2.0 (Golden-Brown)

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Product description

The new PBRack 2.0 Flow Gloves paintball gloves are the logical further development of the proven Flow Gloves from PBRack.

In the 2.0 version, almost everything was reconsidered and changed. The gloves now offer even better protection on the back of the hand thanks to the 3D EVA foam coating. This absorbs the impacting projectile energy. At the same time, the 2 trigger fingers were covered with thinner, more flexible material. This gives the glove the optimal combination of flexibility and protection.

The ball of the thumb and the palms of the hands are the most stressed when sliding and sliding across the floor. It is precisely in these areas that PBRAck has decisively improved its Flow Glove and now uses light but very durable leather.

Since gloves up to XL were only available for purchase in the past, the range has also been revised here. PBRack now offers its Flow Glove up to size 2XL.

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