New Legion Attack Major Magfed Paintballs 2000 box

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Product description

New Legion Attack Major Magfed Paintballs

The Attack Major Paintball is the latest product from the New Legion series. This high-quality paintball has excellent marking properties, with outstanding flight characteristics and the resulting accuracy, it reliably breaks the opponent.

The degree of hardness of the outer shell of this new paintball was specially tailored to the magfed area, but can be used for any other type of paintball. The colors of the outer shell are strong and bright. This makes the trajectory of the Attack Major paintball very easy to see and follow. The paintball has a color-intensive filling made of PEG and other environmentally friendly components.

The Major Paintball is 100% biodegradable. A stable cardboard box ensures safe transport to the place of use.

1 box (2000 rounds)

cal 68 paintballs

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