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Paintballs – The DXS / Draxxus brand
Friday August 4, 2017

Paintballs from Draxxus – probably the most renowned paintball brand in the world

The Draxxus brand has now been sold for over 25 years and has not only given paintball players all over the world a lot of fun, but also plenty of sporting success.

The label Draxxus, or DXS for short, belongs to the Canadian company ProCaps. Procaps was the first company in the world to manufacture paintballs on a large scale in the early 1990s. So to speak, the first real production plant for pantballs worldwide.

At that time, Procaps quickly made a name for itself in terms of quality and service and was the brand for paintballs at the turn of the millennium. Everyone who called themselves pro, and everyone who wanted to play at the top, had Draxxus paintballs in their hoppers .

The Draxxus Hellfire tournament paint was particularly popular. No other paintball at that time had such accuracy and precision. What was particularly feared was the shell, which was super brittle by the standards of the time. There were also numerous rumors about the filling. At that time, DXS was the only brand that knew how to equip its paintballs with a super viscous and brightly lit filling that was specially developed for the demands of tournament sports at the time.

Anyone who used to have a box of Draxxus Hellfire tournament paintballs in their hands is guaranteed to remember the golden half-shell and the blatant pink filling that made every opponent fear it.

Draxxus is just one brand of many…

But anyone who now thinks that the Procaps company only had an iron in the fire is wrong. The manufacturer who made Draxxus paintballs also has the well-known brands ZAP, GI Sportz, Tippmann and Severe in their range. They also produce all common types of paint from their range for the RPS and Empire brands.

Long story short, the Draxxus brand is part of the largest consortium of paint manufacturers in the world. Procaps currently (as of 2017) holds a 60-70% market share of all paintball sales worldwide.

Draxxus – Still a brand with winning potential today

Since Draxxus paintballs continue to be manufactured in the large Procaps factory, there is usually nothing else in the boxes than the paint from what is currently the most well-known brand in the world, namely GI Sportz. After the sale of Procaps by the owner Richmond Italia, and the subsequent repurchase a few years later, the Draxxus brand fell behind a bit and the focus was more and more on the new, fresh label GI Sportz. Nevertheless, almost identical goods are still filled in both crates today. This should make it clear to every player whether he has a DXS Hellfire or GI Sportz 5 Star Paint in his marker, both types have what it takes to be able to play at the top of any tournament in the world.

Draxxus Paintballs – The selection is simply huge!

Another big advantage of the Draxxus brand is the enormously large selection of different paintballs for a wide variety of purposes. There are several subcategories, different color variants and optically different packaging in each quality level.

Where most other paintball manufacturers are content with 3-4 types, as a customer of Draxxus you get a whopping 10 different types or quality levels to choose from. Even in the field of training paintballs you can still choose between 3-4 different price ranges and degrees of hardness. Below is a small overview for you.

DXS Rainbow – The most affordable Draxxus paintballs

As the name suggests, the Rainbow Paint is simply mixed up. These boxes contain leftovers from all production batches. The quality is always good, but all sorts are mixed in these boxes, from training balls to tournament balls. DRAXXUS_RAINBOW_PAINTBALLS

Draxxus Basic – Attention tournament athletes.

The top price-performance ratio for training games. Your team is looking for cheap paintballs, then you've come to the right place. DRAXXUS_BASIC_PAINTBALLS

Draxxus Scorpion – The training ball for the winter

In principle, the DXS Scorpion Paint is nothing more than a DXS Basic for the cold season. Slightly different formula for manufacturing, but same performance. draxxus_scorpion_winter_paintballs

Draxxus Recsport – The ball for demanding players

DXS RecSport is a great all round paint. It is ideal for training and also for leisure and hobby paintballers. Flight behavior and filling are slightly above the quality of basic paintballs. draxxus_recsport_paintballs

DXS Field

As the name suggests, this paintball is intended for field operators . Good quality, runs smoothly in all markers and works in almost any weather. draxxus_field_training_paintballs

Draxxus Bronze – mid-range paintballs

The DXS Bronze Paint is the first, slightly larger step up. The ball usually has a two-tone shell, is a bit more brittle than field paint, but can still be shot well in almost all marker models. The filling is thin, like a field paint, but the color is rich and bright, which in turn falls more into the field of tournament balls. Draxxus_Bronze_Paintballs_Midrange

DXS Frostbite – With patented CRYO filling

Probably the best paintball for the winter. On the market for over 15 years and with a specially developed and patent-protected special formula. Top performance, even in arctic temperatures. draxxus_frosbite_winter_paintballs

Draxxus Silver – The tournament paint for colder days

This tournament paint has all the properties of a high-end paint, only the shell is a bit harder so that it can be played in colder temperatures, in the rain or in the morning without running bursts. draxxus_silver_paintballs

Draxxus Gold – The High End Tournament Paintball

The absolute high-end paint from DXS that you can buy as a normal end customer. Super brittle, luminous filling and first-class flight behavior. draxxus_gold_paintballs_tournament

DXS Hellfire Gold – Attention, you need experience and the right equipment here

This paint is so brittle that you can only play it in the latest high-end markers. This paint is always really fresh and good when it is handed out to the teams directly at the event from the well-tempered Procaps truck and shot directly. This paint quality is often only available at tournaments and events! draxxus_hellfire_paintballs_tournament

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