Paintball Tactical Vest 6+1 (Digital ACU Camo)

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Product description

Paintball Tactical Vest 6+1 (Digital ACU Camo)

The Paintball Tactical Vest 6+1 is specially designed for paintball sports. During the development, the focus was primarily on practical use. For this reason, the vest is designed in such a way that it has plenty of space for a wide variety of paintball accessories.

Paintball Tactical Vest 6+1 - the product details

The vest can be used to carry up to 6x140 speed loaders, such as a 1.5 liter Co2 or HP bottle. Loaders and pods can be attached directly to the vest with Velcro. Of course, their position can be changed individually. Each paintball player can decide for themselves how they carry their accessories, such as an HP bottle across their back.

The Paintball Tactical Vest 6+1 (Digital ACU Camo) can be individually adjusted in size, which allows paintball players of different sizes to wear the vest without any problems.

Furthermore, the Paintball Tactical Vest 6+1 (Digital ACU Camo) has a padded inner lining, which protects the paintball gamer from painful hits, similar to a breastplate. If desired, the inner lining of the vest can be individually removed and reinserted. As a further extra, the paintball vest has an extra space on the back in which a hydration pack or a water reservoir can be carried.

Paintball Tactical Vest 6+1 (Digital ACU Camo) - the product details at a glance

Space for 6x 140 pods

Co2 or HP tanks up to 1.5 liters (!)

· Various pockets for ID player cards, tools, radios, spare magazines, mobile phones and much more.

· Hydration pack pocket on back


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