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Paintball Sports gives you a brand new jersey!
Friday September 17, 2021

Get your own Paintball Sports Pro Jersey now!

Yes, you read that right, we're giving you a brand new paintball jersey for free. The Paintball Sports Pro Jersey is our big advertising and thank you campaign to start the new season. We want to thank all customers and fans of the Paintball Sports brand for more than 15 successful years and are launching an unprecedented promotion in which we are giving away no less than 1500 paintball jerseys. It starts in the spring of 2022…

We are giving away paintball jerseys – free with every purchase of 50 euros or more

Do you need a new jersey, do you want to re-dress your team, or are you simply looking for a replacement jersey for training? Then we have exactly the right thing for you. The Paintball Sports Pro Jersey not only looks cool and is comfortable to wear, but it also costs you practically nothing. We give you a Paintball Sports Pro Jersey for free with every order of 50 euros or more. You are of course free to choose the color and size!

Anyone who is now considering how to get one of our jerseys should be told at this point that an order value of 50 euros should really not be a big hurdle. A cost of paint for the next training session, fresh batteries for the Hoppe and a barrel cleaner and you've earned a free jersey. We deliberately set the hurdle low and we also know that you wouldn't normally even get the individual jersey for 50 euros. With this campaign we simply want to say THANK YOU. Thank you for supporting us as a paintball specialist shop for years. Thank you for being such a loyal and satisfied customer. Thank you for everything! We look forward to the next successful years together with you.

Whether woodland or tournament paintballer, the Paintball Sports Pro Jersey is available for every taste

We deliberately created two designs, because most players are either at home on the tournament field or they feel more comfortable in the forest and on the scenario playing fields. Depending on the environment, however, appropriate clothing is required. Camouflage patterns and camo are rarely seen in tournament sports. Again, you just stand out too much in the forest with the colorful tournament jerseys, so a camouflage pattern is needed. For this reason we have designed a jersey for you in a woodland and scenario look, on which the logos of our partners and supporters are embedded a little darker, and on the other side a tournament jersey with bright colors and loudly colorful logos.

Be quick now, because the offer is strictly limited.

There are 1500 Paintball Sports Pro Jerseys in total. These are divided into 500 tournament jerseys (black/white) and 1000 woodland jerseys (camo design). Both variants are available in sizes S to 3XL. Since this is a strictly limited edition, once it's gone, it's gone. We've put a lot of effort into dividing all jerseys and sizes so that there's enough of everything and it's a balanced mix. However, experience shows that the usual sizes such as M or L are usually the first to sell out. We therefore ask you, if you want one of our Paintball Sports Promotion Jersey, then do not hesitate too long.

Our thanks go to the supporters and sponsors of this campaign!

The Paintball Sports Pro Jersey didn't grow entirely out of our crap. We got support from the big brands in the paintball industry for the implementation. Everyone had the opportunity to advertise their brand logo on our Paintball Sports Pro Jersey and in return participate in the production costs. The result is a colorful mix of numerous well-known paintball brands. We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to all of our supporters. This applies to the following supporters:

Planet Eclipse Paintball

Luxe Paintball

Dye paintball

Shock paintball

Extreme Paintball


Crown Paintball Shop Bielefeld

PowAir HPA Systems

push paint ball

Delta Six Tactical Gear

Dynamic sports gear

Taginn – Airsoft Pyrotechnics

Maxtact Paintball

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