Paintball compressor for playing fields 200/300 bar (used) - offers on request!

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Prices and available models only on request. - Always up to date!

Playing fields and clubs looking for a cheap compressor for paintball sports have come to the right place.

For years we have been working with many of the major manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of breathing air and diving compressors such as those used in paintball sports and can therefore always sell good, used compressors at very reasonable prices, some of which are 50-75% below the New price lie. These compressors then usually only have a few hundred to a thousand operating hours behind them and are generally overhauled so that they can be used optimally on any playing field.

So if you are looking for a cheap paintball compressor, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please use our CONTACT FORM for this

In order to be able to process your request in the best possible way, we also need the following information:

1. What working pressure should the compressor have? - 200 bars or 300 bars?

2. How many storage areas do you want to connect and what is their volume? (e.g. 3 storage tanks, 50 liters, 300 bar)

3. On average, how many players do you have on your field per weekend on a busy day?

4. What other special features does the compressor have to have? (e.g. automatic on/off switch, very quiet, etc.)

We look forward to your inquiry.

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