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Paintball fields in Northern Germany – World of Paintball
Tuesday March 13, 2018

World of Paintball – The playing field between Bremen & Hamburg

The WoP playing field in Klein Wangersen is one of the oldest playing fields in the north. Located almost exactly in the middle between Bremen and Hamburg, dozens of players and newcomers enjoy the extensive and very well-kept facility of the Wichern brothers week after week.

At World of Paintball you are in the right place both as a newcomer and as an experienced professional and are always welcome. The facility has numerous indoor and outdoor action fields as well as a super-playing field for tournament sports. Here, among other things, league paintball is played and trained.

5 playing fields guarantee a lot of action at World of Paintball

Due to the very different playing fields, the WoP facility offers a lot of variety. In particular, fun players and visitors who can hire equipment on site have a whole day of varied entertainment and it will certainly never be boring.

Fast action fields await in the covered indoor area. Here paintball is played at close range, which promises the maximum adrenaline rush. You can choose between the playing fields THE OFFICE , on which you have to fight your way through a fictitious office landscape, DUST-3 , which is based on a well-known counter-strike scenario, and the so-called KING OF THE HILL field, on which the aim is to be the first team to get the flag to conquer in the middle of the field.

The outdoor playing fields are a little larger. On THE VILLAGE field from World of Paintball you compete against other players in a mock village and you can hide in houses and behind cars. Especially beginners love this playing field.

Next door you will find the large World of Paintball Supair playing field . With almost 2000 square meters, this is one of the largest areas of the facility. Here you usually meet the professionals in the sport, experienced tournament paintball players who train for competitions. If you want to find out how good you are, a visit to this field will tell you where you currently stand.

Kids Paintball & Lasertag at World of Paintball

WoP also takes good care of the youngsters. In addition to the well-known and very popular Kids Paintball , you also have the opportunity to play laser tag on site. A welcome alternative for anyone who is either afraid of getting hit by paintball or doesn't want to shoot themselves with paint.

The cool thing: The laser tag equipment is compatible with indoor and outdoor use. That means you can play them on all WoP fields. This means that the system has practically a total of 5 laser tag fields, which is actually nowhere to be found in northern Germany.

World of Paintball also cuts a fine figure off the field!

In addition to the playing fields, a very pleasant atmosphere awaits you with large, covered lounge areas, changing rooms, toilets and showers as well as a barbecue area and much more.

The operators make sure that you feel comfortable on the facility, which you also notice as a player. A day at World of Paintball flies by and is over almost too quickly as there is so much to see and do.

So if you are looking for a playing field in the Hamburg or Bremen area, then World of Paintball in Klein Wangersen could be just the thing for you. We can definitely recommend a visit to the facility.

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