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Paintball Big Game in Poland
Friday March 24, 2017

If you really want to experience something in paintball, you have to go to one of the big big game events. There are two really big, well-known events for the German-speaking region. On the one hand the Euro Big Game or also called European Big Game Series, and on the other hand the Born to Strike event in neighboring Poland, where helicopters and tanks are also used.

Born to Strike – "This is like real Call of Duty…"

This event really has it all. No other event in Europe offers players so much at the Born to Strike Big Game in Poland . The playing field is huge, the organization is excellent and the organizer's line-up is really impressive. Starting with the catering, which is second to none, to fair prices and great effects such as fireworks and simulated artillery hits on the field.

As a unique feature, it should be mentioned that the players are driven from one base to the next on the field with tanks and troop carriers. You can't set up a scenario any more realistically. And while the player fights with his team for points and flags down on the battlefield, helicopters and drones buzz through the sky above him and scout enemy positions. For outsiders, this scenario event may seem very martial, but for real hardcore gamers and computer game fans of the Call of Duty and Battlefield series, there is nothing more beautiful.

Paintball Big Games in the video:

The European Big Game – The largest paintball event in Europe, in the middle of Germany

One of the oldest and most well-known Big Games scenarios is the EBG, also known as the Euro Big Game . It takes place every year around Pentecost in the paintball Mecca Mahlwinkel near Magdeburg. Year after year, around 2,000 players gather at this event and shoot around 3,000,000 (3 million!) paintball balls in 4 days of Big Game.

The event is one superlative. 150,000 square meters of playing space, 2,000 players, a large trade show with all sorts of exhibitors and paintball shops and a great supporting program with auctions, a strip show, live band and great catering.

Anyone who likes woodland and scenario games as a German paintballer should have visited a Euro Big Game at least once in their life. The atmosphere among the players is great. The site resembles a large campsite where there is something going on around the clock. Be it for games during the day, or for parties and barbecues at night.

Paintball Sports supports all major Paintball Big Games. In some cases we are even represented at the events with our own sales stand and are at your side with advice and action as well as our usual good selection of products. If you want to equip yourself for a big game event, you can do this in advance in our paintball online shop. We are available for questions and orders and are guaranteed to have the right equipment for your next event in stock.

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