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Operation Black Sky – The best magfed paintball event in Europe!
Monday July 17, 2017

What is Operation Black Sky?

Operation Black Sky (OBS) is a MagFed paintball event where only markers loaded with magazines are played – hoppers are forbidden!

It is also the first and only 24 hour non-stop paintball event.

Yes, you read that right, you really play through a whole day and night here. During the breaks, each team has a kind of safe house where no opponent has access and where the players can rest. However, anyone who has ever been to such an event knows exactly that at the OBS there is not really much to think about sleep and breaks.

The game management is tightly organized and keeps the participants busy with lots of exciting missions and special orders. And just when you think it's over or you have the situation under control, disruptive squads like the DDC or other special units come into play and clean up the situation properly.

All in all, one can say that this event is currently one of the best, most realistic and most demanding that you can play on MagFed Paintball in Europe. A 24-hour experience for true tactical freaks and professional players and teams, but definitely not for everyone!

Preparation & equipment are crucial…

At this event, it's not just about personal ability, the equipment also has to withstand a lot. A 24-hour event goes to the substance of man and material. Players have to travel long distances during the day and expect high temperatures, while at night it can be not only dark but also quite chilly; after all, one plays and sleeps outside. In addition, there is heavy equipment and mental stress, because the opponent can already be lurking behind the next blade of grass.

The equipment of the players must be adapted accordingly to these circumstances. A well-maintained gun , a backup pistol , and plenty of magazines and ammo are just the basics in the field. Anyone who spends 24 hours out in the woods running from mission to mission also needs food for a whole day, suitable clothing, camping equipment, a flashlight and much more.

You can get tips and information about the equipment you need on the organizer's website. Just follow this link: OFFICIAL HOMEPAGE OF THE OBS

When it comes to OBS, First Strike Paint is the number one choice

When it comes to ammo, you shouldn't compromise. The first choice of most players are therefore First Strike Paintballs. There are several reasons for this: On the one hand, there is not as much shooting at a MagFed event as at a comparable big game, so sometimes the first shot has to be right. The First Strike paintballs from Tiberius Arms offer not only a longer range but also a significantly better shot pattern. That's what makes them so popular with MagFed players.

Another advantage of First Strikes is the special polymer shell. This is not as susceptible to weathering as normal paintballs. Since the ammunition at the OBS event sometimes sits in the magazine for hours before it is fired, it is exposed to temperature fluctuations and humidity. First strikes are almost immune to external influences here.

How can I register for the Operation Black Sky event?

Registration takes place directly via the homepage of the organizer. However, the places are very limited. Most recently, a maximum of 200 players were allowed per event, and the tickets were completely sold out after just a few days. If you want to secure a seat, you should get your ticket as soon as sales start and don't hesitate.

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