Nimrod NTTU FS P Airsoft Tracer Unit

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Product description

The Nimrod Tactical Tracer Unit Flash Simulator Pistol series is the perfect tracer for short rifles or pistols. The Tracer Unit has LEDs on the front to simulate muzzle flash.

The Tracer Unit comes with a 14mm thread and an 11mm CCW adapter (suitable for WE, TM etc.). It can light up to 35 rounds per second. Depending on your playing style, the integrated battery will keep you safe throughout the day.

As a special feature, this tracer can generate 8 different colors as muzzle flash. The different colors can be used for team indication, for example.

The battery is permanently installed and cannot be replaced.

In order to use the Tracer Unit properly, you need Tracer BB's.

Technical details of the Nimrod NTTU FS P Tacer Unit:

Length: 84mm

Diameter: 30mm

Thread: 14mm CCW

Weight: 70g

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