NICO 50 Seconds Two Sided Paintball Smoke Grenade (Red)

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NICO 50 Second Two Sided Paintball Smoke Grenade

Nico's incense bodies produce a dense colored smoke that comes out of two openings at the same time. The burning time is about 50 seconds.

These smoke grenades are the perfect tool for all paintball & airsoft athletes! They offer protection, confuse opponents and send signals to their own teammates. Smoke bodies are also used in police and fire brigade simulation exercises.

Tip: Great picture and video effects can also be achieved with the smoke items from NICO! NICO Smoke is the best tool for photographers to implement creative ideas.

Note: Not for entertainment & amusement purposes. Category P1 pyrotechnic objects are NOT New Year's Eve fireworks. Purpose: paintball, airsoft, leak/exhaust testing, simulation, signaling and training.

Category: CAT P1

with breakaway detonator (ring and wire)

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