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Mechanix Wear Gloves – New to the range
Monday May 24, 2021

Mechanix Wear gloves offer top quality at a really good price!

For a long time we were looking for the perfect application glove for the MagFed paintball area. In the end, the Mechanix Wear brand convinced us by far, because the Mechanix Wear products are not only very well thought out and durable, but they are also extremely cheap for the quality you get here. That's why we decided to include the Mechanix Wear gloves in our range and in today's article we want to introduce you to the individual model variants and also show you the differences.

Mechanix Wear offers professional gloves for beginners and professionals

Since we are in the paintball sport, we naturally also focus directly on this area of application. It was important to us to offer our customers a glove that not only fits comfortably and is not that expensive, but also that the player can have fun with it for a long time and wear a solid product on his hands, which he completely convinces after the first game is. With its wide range, Mechanix Wear offers exactly these possibilities and has everything in its range that makes the paintball player's heart beat faster, from inexpensive beginners' gloves to expensive high-end models for special units. These gloves are therefore becoming increasingly popular, especially in the MagFed area.

Mechanix Wear FastFit gloves in the 2nd generation

This simple and inexpensive glove from Mechanix Wear is, so to speak, the entry into the product range. For less than 20 euros you get a solidly manufactured glove that not only protects, but is also really comfortable to wear. The color selection ranges from simple black, olive and coyote tan to various camouflage patterns and camo colors. When it comes to equipment, the Mechanix FastFit glove deliberately does without some features such as the Velcro fastener on the wrist or the padding on the back of the hand. But the extremely low price has to come from somewhere.

Mechanix Original Gloves – The Classic

The Mechanix Original Glove is the actual base model from Mechanix. This glove was once the beginning of the entire collection. The Mechanix Original model was originally designed as a simple but solid work glove. The military area of application was only added later and the range was adapted and expanded.

Mechanix M-Pact Gloves for MagFed Paintball

This model is probably the most popular among MagFed paintballers, airsoft players and also in the military and public sector. The Mechanix M-Pact gloves offer maximum protection and perfect comfort. This glove is also available in numerous camouflage patterns and camo variants precisely because of its popularity in the military sector. With a selling price of less than 35 euros, it is also one of the absolute top sellers!

Mechanix M-Pact 3 and Mechanix Breacher – The new high-tech generation

Mechanix Wear is also constantly working on newer products, technologies and designs. This is when such special models as the Mechanix M-Pact 3 glove or the Mechanix Wear Breacher gloves come out. These models are specially designed to meet the demands of today's special forces and other special units. They offer even more protection and have a few interesting additional features. However, this also has its price and so these models are often two to three times as expensive as a normal Mechanix Wear glove.

So much for our small product overview of the new Mechanix Wear Tactical gloves from our range. As always, you can find further product details and information in the item description of the individual products.

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