Mechanix BREACHER FR Nomex Gloves (black)

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Product description

Mechanix BREACHER FR Nomex gloves

The Mechanix BREACHER is a functional and flame retardant combat glove with D3O knuckle protection.

In the development of the Breacher FR Nomex, Mechanix has particularly incorporated the experience gained from access units. The main focus was on the protective properties without restricting the functionality. The glove has D3O knuckle protection and thermal plastic rubber on the finger bones to protect these areas intensively from blunt impacts. A D3O pad on the ball of the hand reduces shock and vibration. Further protection for the back of the hand and the fingers is provided by Nomex®, which is processed in these areas and minimizes the possibility of injury from heat and flames.

There are no protectors on the trigger finger (left and right) to ensure 100% that the service weapon can be operated.

A double additional seam on the trigger finger allows the glove fingertip to be cut off and thus prevents fraying. The nappa leather on the palms ensures an extraordinarily homogeneous fit, especially when handling weapons and other police activities. Index finger and thumb are touchscreen compatible. The width is adjusted with a Velcro fastener.


- Three-dimensional structuring corresponds to the natural curvature of the hand and ensures optimal freedom of movement, gripping power and fingertip sensitivity.

- Flame retardant FR Nomex® protects the hand from heat and flames.

- D3O padding in the palm reduces shock and vibration.

- Anatomically adapted soft D3O protectors in the knuckle area and plastic reinforcements on the top of the knuckles.

- Trigger finger without protectors improves handling on the weapon.

- Additional seam on the trigger finger prevents fraying when the glove tip is cut off.

- Double stitching improves durability.

- Touchscreen enabled leather.

- Drawstring for easier dressing.

- Low-profile hook and loop closure ensures a secure fit on the wrist.

- Machine washable up to 30°C.

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