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Maxxloader / Strike Loader paintball backpack with 2000 rounds
Saturday January 13, 2018

Maxxloader, the paintball hopper in the backpack

The company Maxxloader initially worked under the project name Strike Loader on their backpack Hopper for the paintball market. However, after a few missed release dates and the resulting negative press, the Strike Loader name quickly faded from the scene. Then it got quieter about the Backpack Hopper project for about 2 years until the Maxxloader was presented about 3 years ago.

The concept behind it is quite simple: It is a hard shell backpack with a hopper mechanism, battery pack and a capacity of approx. 2000 paintballs. However, what is far more important are the small details. So the main task was to solve the feed problem. The question that arose was how do you get 2000 paintballs pushed through a 1.2m long hose without any problems, and at the highest possible shot rate of up to 20 balls per second. The solution lies in the synchronous, double bucket wheel system of the Maxxloader . This feeds paintballs first from the bottom of the backpack up into a chamber below the lid. There is a second conveyor wheel that runs synchronously with the lower one via a shaft. The second wheel then pushes the paintballs into the tube that goes to the marker. Each conveyor unit only has to cover half the distance, and the paintballs are only exposed to half the pressure. In the end, this principle brought the desired success and makes the Maxxloader so unique and successful.

1 hopper – 2000 rounds of ammunition – only Maxxloader can do that

If you play a lot of big events, or operate the machine gun in your team on scenario fields, you are best served with a Maxxloader Panitball backpack . You have your hands free, you never need to reload during the game and you can always provide full fire support for the teammates. The Maxxloader is ideal for this type of paintball play. At the same time, you can't carry 2000 paintballs at once in any batlepack in the world, so you definitely always have the ammo advantage on your side.

Buy Maxxloader Paintball Backpack – Available in 3 colors at Paintball Sports.

We are the only dealer in Germany to offer the Maxxloader paintball backpack in 3 color variants. In addition to the standard olive, we also offer the colors black and desert / tan. The Maxxloader costs EUR 599.95 including all attachments and is delivered free of charge throughout Germany.

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