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Maxtact MagFed Marker – The TGR2 MK2
Monday May 30, 2016

With the TGR2 MK3, Maxtact has developed a paintball marker that is purely intended for the scenario or MagFed game. The housing of the TGR2 MK3 is made of metal, only the trigger unit and the handle are made of composite material, which gives the TGR 2 a unique stability. The handle is interchangeable and can be replaced with handles from other manufacturers.


Maxtact TGR2 MK3 – the features

The TGR2 MK3 comes standard with an Air Stock System. The paintball marker's air supply can be found in the shoulder rest. The marker is designed to be magazine-playable, so it can also be used for realistic training and low-cap play. All controls are the same on both sides, making them ideal for left-handers.

Many military from different countries like to use this paintball marker for training purposes due to the first-class price-performance ratio. Of course, it is also advantageous that the Maxtact TGR2 MK3 First Strike ammunition can be played just like normal paintballs. The magazine can be loaded with either ten First Strike ammunition or eighteen normal 68 caliber paintballs.


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