Maxtact paintball markers

Efficiency paired with innovation

Maxtact's mission is to firmly establish efficiency, innovation and superior advantage in the sport of paintball.

Maxtact Paintball - the company

Maxtact is one of the world's leading suppliers and manufacturers of paintball markers and magazines. These paintball guns, along with the equipment and accessories manufactured by Maxtacct, are used by the military and police for training purposes. In short, Maxtact has been a true pioneer by bringing well-known brands under one roof. These include the Tactmark, Honorcofre, Milsig and Scarab Arms brands.

The most well-known paintball products from Maxtact are e.g. B. The TGR2 and TGROne marker series. These are available in numerous model variants and a wide variety of designs, adapted to the respective usage requirements of the various military personnel worldwide. The end customer benefits several times over from this sophisticated cooperation with the military, in which he not only gets to buy true-to-original replicas of the real weapons as paintball markers, but also the usual high quality standard from the armaments sector.

As a manufacturer of paintball equipment, Maxtact can look back on more than twenty years of company history, which definitely proves the experience of developing, manufacturing and selling innovative paintball products. Maxtacct has made it its goal to combine efficiency, innovation and superior advantages in its products. No wonder the Maxtact paintball markers and paintball equipment manufactured by the company are not only popular with paintballers. During the training, military personnel and prospective police officers also have increased contact with the Honorcore paintball products.

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