Umarex HDR50 tuning valve - The X-Valve Export Kit

In order to make the Umarex HDR50 self-defense revolver even more effective, you need a so-called tuning valve . These come in different types and from different manufacturers. With us you will only receive tried and tested quality products. One of the best Umarex HDR50 tuning valves is the X-Valve export valve. With the installation, the HDR50 revolver achieves a significantly increased shooting speed and an energy of up to 20 joules .

Buy the X-Valve tuning valve for the Umarex HDP 50 pistol here

The X-Valve tuning valve is not only available for the Umarex HDR50 revolver, but also for other Umarex T4e home defense weapons. We also offer the Umarex HDR50 X-Valve tuning valve for the Umarex HDP50 pistol and the double-barreled Umarex HDS68 shotgun . Both weapon models achieve energy of up to 20 joules by installing the Umarex tuning valve. Ideal for self-defense and much more effective than the standard weapons.

The possession of tuning parts is permitted in Germany and does not pose a problem. However, the installation of tuning parts is legally prohibited. If a home defense weapon achieves an output of more than 7.5 joules through the installation of a tuning valve, it is no longer a free weapon and a gun license is required to own and carry the weapon from now on. Therefore, before purchasing or installing an Umarex HDR 50 tuning valve, always observe the currently applicable legal regulations in your country or region!