Hera Arms H15G AR-15 Pistol Grip for Lower Receiver (olive)

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Product description

Original Hera Arms H15G AR-15 Pistol Grip grip for the lower receiver. Suitable for sharp original weapons, but also for compatible MagFed paintball markers such as the First Strike T15 or numerous airsoft weapons in AR-15 design. Extremely good, ergonomic handling and a great, modern look. This pistol grip not only gives your marker that certain something, but also improves the handling of the marker.

The Hera Arms brand develops and produces 100% directly in Germany and actually manufactures accessories for sharp weapons and shooting sports. We are finally bringing these extremely high-quality add-on parts to MagFed paintball and airsoft sports.

Product details of the Hera Arms H15G Pistol Grip:

- Glass fiber reinforced polymer

- Weight 67g

- Length:

- Suitable for all 20mm Weaver rails

- 100% Made in Germany!

- Suitable for AR-15, M4 and AR10, as well as all compatible airsoft guns and paintball markers (e.g. First Strike T15)

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