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Manta Tech professional filling stations for paintball fields
Friday June 4, 2021

Field operators beware, here comes Manta Tech!

If you operate a paintball field, you need reliable equipment that you don't have to worry about and that works perfectly and reliably in any weather. Many paintball field operators only consider their rental equipment in this regard, but reliable air equipment is just as important. It starts with a paintball compressor , which needs regular maintenance, and ends at the filling station, which fills the players' bottles with air. The filling stations are exposed to by far the highest frequency of use. A compressor refills the storage areas only a few times a day. The rental equipment is given out once or twice a day. But the air station is used by players every minute throughout the day and almost never rests. Here it is particularly annoying when defects and faults occur repeatedly. To prevent this, paintball field operators should look for a system that works reliably and simply works. This is exactly why we recommend the Manta Tech paintball filling stations to our field customers.

Manta Tech paintball filling stations convince with quality at a low price.

All Manta Tech paintball filling stations are 100% manufactured in the European Union and are officially certified by TÜV Rheinland and classified as absolutely safe for use on paintball fields. The Manta Tech factory is located in our neighboring country Poland, which guarantees short delivery routes and constant availability of the products. This is particularly important for a good supply of spare parts.

Since many field operators always keep an eye on the purchase price, we want to shed some light on this point as well. As we have already established, the Manta products are at least as good in terms of quality as comparable products from BAUR or other manufacturers of paintball filling stations. At the same time, the Manta Tech paintball filling stations offer a much better feel and simply offer more comfort during the filling process. The bottles are filled gently, slowly and with controlled filling pressure. The handles and levers of the faucet are ergonomically shaped and fit comfortably in the hand. As a user, you simply have a very valuable feeling. It all makes a great impression, but the best is yet to come. Despite the good quality and all the features mentioned, the price of the Manta paintball filling stations is up to 20% cheaper than the competitors.

From our point of view, Manta Tech has by far the best product for paintball fields on the market and we make a very clear recommendation at this point.

You want to open a paintball field? – We will help you with the planning.

If you are thinking about opening a paintball field yourself and are still unsure what equipment you need or how best to plan an air system with a compressor and filling stations, then please contact us. Our service team will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about the Manta Tech product range. For those who would like to know a little more, we also offer an extensive know-how and pool of knowledge as part of our seminars for paintball field operators, which we convey to you in workshops lasting several hours. Together we will create a plan for a successful business as a paintball field operator.

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