Mancraftt MMR regulator with US fitting (pressure gauge on the side)

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Product description

Mancraft Airsoft is a Poland-based manufacturer fully specialized in the design and manufacture of HPA accessories for airsoft guns. Whether HPA conversion kits, regulators or other HPA accessories - Mancraft Airsoft is now one of the best-known manufacturers in this segment and is constantly expanding its range.

M ancraft M icro R egulator is the updated, smaller version of the HRR with even better refill frequency.


- Modular design with main body dimensions of 25 x 56 mm

- Oversized 4.5mm piston bore for extremely high flow and refill frequency

- Adjustable outlet pressure from 60psi to 250psi

- Cable tie tournament lock without the need for additional parts

- The simplified design requires only 3 O-rings, promoting both reliability and serviceability

The pressure can be set in the range from 4 to about 15 bar. Adjustment is made using the screw on the side of the controller.

Standard paintball HP bottles can be used with the MMR regulator.

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