LA Infamous LV1 / GEO "Type S" Deuce Trigger

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Product description

LA Infamous LV1 / GEO "Type S" Deuce Trigger

The US professional team Los Angeles Infamous not only has cool player clothing at the start, but they now also produce marker accessories. Among other things, a trigger for the Planet Eclipse LV1 or GEO series.

The shape of the trigger, milled from high-quality aluminum, was adapted to the best possible ergonomics of the hand, so that even higher rates of fire can be achieved with it. In addition, the edges of the contact surface have been rounded and as much material as possible removed to get a lighter trigger feeling.

Suitable for the Planet Eclipse paintball marker models:

- LV 1

- LV 1.1

- LV 1.5

- LV 1.6


-Geo 3.5

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