LA Infamous Boom Juice Paintball Marker Oil (1oz)

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Product description

LA Infamous Boom Juice Paintball Marker Oil (1oz)

LA Infamous paintball marker oil with the highest possible lubricity and durability on the surface.

This oil was specially developed for paintball and airsoft sports and is ideal for all common marker models such as blowbacks and rammers that are lubricated with oil.

The oil is not as thin as other paintball oils, its special consistency ensures that the lubricating film is retained for as long as possible. As a result, the oil film stays on the surface of the components to be lubricated much longer. This provides better and more even lubrication of the parts, which in turn results in a smoother, more consistent performance of the marker. Wear is also reduced thanks to better, more even lubrication.

Product Details:

- High viscosity / lubricating property

- Very even lubricating film, stays on the surfaces for a long time

- Suitable for all blowback and rammer paintball markers

- Also suitable for airsoft / airsoft guns

- Content 1oz

Please shake well before use!

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