JT Tactical Paintball & Airsoft Mesh Mask (black)

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Product description

JT Tactical Mesh Mask for MagFed Paintball and Airsoft.

The JT Tactical mask is based on the principle of the JT Proflex mask, and a mesh grille was used in the mouth area for better communication and air circulation. This mesh grille in the mouth area has been very popular for airsoft and magfed players for years. Conventional JT Spectra thermal lenses can be used for the mask.

This mask model is also compatible with most tactical helmets on the market and is therefore equally popular with MagFed and Airsoft players.

Product details of the JT Tactical Mesh Mask:

- Mesh grille in the mouth area

- JT Spectra Thermal mask lens (clear)

- removable mask shield

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