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Halftime in the DPL SEASON 2021/22
Wednesday April 6, 2022

The DPL Halftime Show – The current status of the 2021/2022 season

Here comes the DPL mid-term analysis. The first half of the 2021/2022 season is already over and we take a look at the current standings of the teams. Who is leading the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga and who are the up-and-coming youth teams in Germany that may be playing at the top in the coming year? We have all this info on the next few pages forsummarized you.

Due to the change in the seasons in the DPL that came into effect last year, the season is not over at the moment, but is only interrupted by the winter break. In the past, the teams played through a complete DPL season within one year from spring to autumn. Due to the rule change, this game cycle has now shifted and is now more like the game times of a football season. Halfway through the current season, we want to take a look at the rankings and provide you with the current table status for all leagues.

In the 1st Bundesliga of the DPL, with the Cologne Hurricanes around DPL veteran Stephan Steiner, a German paintball team is finally back on top of the podium as autumn champions. For a long time, foreign teams such as Breakout Spa from Belgium or the strong teams The Luckys 15th from England or the Polish Pro Team PP Arena Pilsen dominated the top places in the table. Unfortunately, Corona has made it very difficult for this team to participate in the current season due to a large number of travel restrictions or in some cases even made it impossible. The result was a 1. Bundesliga, reduced by around 25% with currently only nine teams (instead of 12), in which more German teams can now reach for the top again, since the competition has become somewhat weaker than in the previous year. Breakout Spa and the Cologne Predators, who are also among the oldest pro teams in Germany, are currently in second and third place.

It continues in the 2nd Bundesliga of the DPL. Here, too, there is a diligent fight for points and of course all teams want to get up into the premier class in order to fight for the title with the best teams in the 1st Bundesliga next season. Unfortunately, the DPL 2nd Bundesliga was not completely filled this year with 11 of 12 teams, but it is still more strongly represented than the 1st division. Here the first six teams are still neck and neck, because all of them currently have the same score with 18 match points from ten games. It must be mentioned at this point that the Cologne Hurricanes 2 and the Cologne Predators 2 are two sister teams from the 1st Bundesliga teams among the top six teams.

However, due to the sister team regulation, these cannot be promoted to the 1st Bundesliga. Apparently it will be decided between the four teams Dignitas Düsseldorf, Kansas Killzone Hemmoor, Droogs Frankfurt and Killzone Army Bavaria Einsiedl. Close behind the six teams with the same number of points are lurking, with the Sandbaggers Düsseldorf and the traditional team Fightclub Frankfurth two strong pursuers.

In the 3rd Bundesliga there was the first big surprise right at the start of the season, because the 3rd Bundesliga North/East could no longer be held after a few spontaneous cancellations and was canceled without replacement. A really unpleasant thing, because on the one hand some teams didn't have the opportunity to play this season anymore and on the other hand the 3rd Bundesliga is still the young springboard for further promotion to the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga. Without the 3rd Bundesliga as an intermediate step, the jump for the teams from the Regionalliga directly to the 2nd Bundesliga becomes a dangerous gamble, because the level of play there is something completely different. However, the 3rd Bundesliga South/West took place as planned and is currently well equipped with ten teams. The teams Rain of Fire Nuremberg and Crazy Heads Mönchengladbach are currently tied at the top, closely followed by Munich Recruits.

Of course, a lot of league paintball was played again from the association league down to the district league. The current distribution of points and the standings can be found below, sorted by division and region. Here we limit ourselves to the presentation of the first three positions in the tables.

Even in these leagues, some locations have not filled up. Therefore, we have not considered these unusual locations.

As far as the current standings in the German paintball league. On April 2nd it finally starts again with the 3rd matchday of the DPL 2nd Bundesliga. At this point we wish all teams a lot of fun in the winter preparations and of course a successful second half of the season in 2022.

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