Belt pouch for 40mm paintball / airsoft grenades (olive)

Guertel_Tasche_fuer_40mm_Paintball_Airsoft_Granaten_oliv Guertel_Tasche_fuer_40mm_Paintball_Airsoft_Granaten_oliv_back
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Product description

Grenade pouch for all standard 40mm grenades and grenade cartridges, as used in paintball and airsoft grenade launchers worldwide.

The bag has a quick-release fastener with an elastic strap and has an open design so that you can see directly whether the bag is full or already empty.

The bag is attached to the belt with a loop and can therefore be conveniently carried as part of the equipment on the pitch.

Colour: OLIVE

Delivery quantity: 1 piece

Suitable for all 40mm paintball & airsoft grenade sleeves (e.g. Madbull, RAP4, Taginn etc.)

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