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Germany's largest paintball shop
Monday December 17, 2018

2die4 Sports – Your paintball provider from the Westerwald

The company 2die4 Sports is one of the long-established paintball providers in Germany. Boss and owner Stefan Maiwald , who is better known in the scene by his nickname Maiwi , has been in the business for over 20 years and knows the industry like no other.

In today's blog post we would like to bring you a little closer to the company 2die4 Sports and tell you a little about the provider who has been running the largest paintball shop in Germany for several years.

440 square meters of retail space – only 2die4 Sports is that big

No other paintball shop in Germany even comes close to the area of 2die4 Sports . In the tranquil Westerwald , a good bit away from civilization, there is a multi-storey building on an old barracks site in which the storage rooms, the offices and the said paintball shop of the company 2die4 Sports are located.

The entire building was remodeled and redesigned in 2015. The result is currently the largest paintball shop in Germany. Even we at Paintball Sports have to swallow a lot with our 330 square meter area. When it comes to size, no competitor can easily outperform 2Die4 .

Lots of exhibits await you in the spacious showroom. As a customer, the complete equipment is really presented here. Starting with simple marker models, masks and Co2 cartridges , through mid-range equipment to professional equipment for tournament sports, everything is available in abundance. So if you take the long way to the Westerwald to get advice on site, you should bring some time with you to really get a full overview and not overlook anything.

Paint is his business – Stefan Maiwald, the man behind 2die4 Sports

Maiwi grew up with his company 2Die4 Sports with one product, namely paintballs . He is one of the largest, if not the largest, paintball dealer in Germany. Through close cooperation with major brands such as GI Sportz and Draxxus , 2die4 Sports has favorable purchase prices for paintballs and has thus become an integral part of the German paintball tournament circuit over the years. Many teams play under his flag today, or at least have bought paintballs from him in the past.

2Die4 Sports also operates 2 paintball fields

What many do not know is that 2Die4 also operates several paintball facilities . Last but not least, owner Stefan Maiwald gained the expertise as an outfitter for paintball fields throughout Germany from the operation of his own facilities.

Deep in southern Germany, the Günzburg paintball field is a fixed, regional feature. Here you can experience fun and action on 4 playing fields. This facility has also been operated by the experienced paintball provider 2Die4 Sports for years.

Click here for the paintball online shop of 2Die4 Sports – LINK

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