GEO3 Paintball Marker Colored O-Ring Kit MEDIUM

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Product description

Captain O-Ring is the leading US manufacturer when it comes to high-quality O-rings and spare parts sets for paintball markers.

With us you get a complete range of Captain O-ring products for all common paintball marker models, regulators and other accessories.

Colored O-ring kit for repairing the Planet Eclipse GEO3 Contains enough seals to completely reseal the marker 3 times.

Planet Eclipse Geo3 Colored O-Ring Kit Contents:

  • O-rings are color coded by size, eliminating the headache of matching up sizes. An included color/size chart helps with your first time rebuilding your marker. After that, just replace o-rings by color when it comes time to rebuild again.

  • All of the o-rings you need to perform a standard rebuild of your marker three times (other quantities available).

  • Contains o-rings for your markers firing assembly, high pressure regulator, LPR (if applicable), etc (unless otherwise noted). Don't be fooled by other kits that only offer a fraction of the o-rings needed to rebuild your marker.

  • 020 (x2) - Bolt Can (Outside)

  • 017 - Bolt Can (Inside)

  • 017 - Body FRM

  • 016 - SL3 Inline Reg Piston

  • 016 - SL3 Inline Reg Bottom

  • 016 - Shaft 4 Barrel Back (Body End)

  • 015 - Shaft 4 Barrel Back (Tip End)

  • 015 - Bolt Bumper (Middle)

  • 14x2mm (x2) - Prop Shaft (Back)

  • 14x2mm - Bolt (Rear)

  • 011 - SL3 Inline Reg Adjuster (Outside)

  • 009 - Prop Shaft Retaining Screw (Rear)

  • 008 - POPS Insert (Outside)

  • 008 - SL3 Inline Reg Adjuster (Inside)

  • 7x1mm - Prop Shaft (Tip)

  • 007 - POPS Insert (External)

  • 006 - body plug

  • 006 - POPS Insert (Inside)

  • 006 - Feed Tube Swivel

  • 005 - POPS Insert (Internal)

  • 5x1mm (x2) - Solenoid Flow Restrictor

  • 004 - POPS Push Rod

  • 4x1mm - Prop Shaft Retaining Screw (Front)

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