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GEO CS1 – The new one from Planet Eclipse
Friday July 15, 2016

The new GEO CS1

With the GEO CS1, Planet Eclipse has created a completely new marker model that has nothing in common with the previous generations. To achieve this, Planet Eclipse engineers have demonstrated a penchant for perfection in terms of performance, maintenance, aesthetics, ergonomics and electronics. The result the Planet Eclipse GEO CS1.

Planet Eclipse GEO CS1 – the technique

When developing the GEO CS1, a holistic approach was important to the technicians, which is why the individual components of the marker merge into one another, which ensures streamlines that build on one another perfectly. A factor that guarantees unique handling. In addition, all external hoses and pipes have been removed from the Planet Eclipse GEO CS1. The GEO CS1 is, so to speak, the first paintball marker from Planet Eclipse that has an internal air supply.

The front grip has also been completely redesigned. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the paintball gun fits comfortably in your hand. Under the handle, which can be easily removed without tools, are the 2xAA batteries that the marker needs to operate. Of course, there is also the possibility of attaching the E-shaped eyecover, which is typical for Planet Eclipse. Of course, the new SL regulator and the board are also built into the handle of the GEO CS1. The POPS-ASA Bottom Donkey was integrated into the GEO CS1 and is also located directly in the handle.

With the CS1 there is no longer a cable that leads from the marker body to the handle, which gives the paintball gun optimal handling. All important cables are installed inside the marker, which means that the GEO CS1 is significantly less susceptible to mechanical stress. Thanks to the IV core, the Planet Eclipse marker is not only extremely efficient, it is also very quiet and very gentle on the paint. This is because the SFR has been completely revised and additionally equipped with a filter. Here you can buy the GEO CS1 .

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