First Strike USP Powderballs 150 shot bag (purple / clear)

First_Strike_Sphere_Powderballs_150_Schuss_T-te_lila_klar First_Strike_Spheric_Powderballs_Paintballs_mit_Plastikschale_12322_750x750
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Product description

First Strike Sphere Powderballs 600 shot box

The First Strike Ultra Sphere Powderballs (USP) are a perfect addition to the First Strike projectile family. Precision engineered, perfectly round bullets deliver what standard gelatin paintballs can't; Uniformity, dent-free surfaces and accuracy. The weather-resistant polystyrene shell ensures consistent performance in the harshest of weather conditions, even withstanding the high spring pressure most magfed magazines need to function properly.


- Cal.68

- Pressure-resistant, but still good fracture behavior

- Polystyrene sleeve

- Water and moisture resistant

- Suitable for all weather conditions

- Fragrant, very fine, white powder for indoor and outdoor use

- Removable, non-staining powder

- Non-toxic

- Made in the USA

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