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First Strike – The number one in MagFed paintball
Tuesday August 3, 2021

Welcome to Paintball Sports' First Strike online shop

As one of the leading paintball suppliers in Germany and Europe, we offer you a wide range of brands and many top current paintball products. Of course, the renowned MagFed brand First Strike should not be missing. But what many people don't know is that the First Strike brand has a very eventful and interesting company history behind it. In today's post we would like to tell you a little more about this well-known US brand and how it became what it is today.

First Strike Paintball – A brand is born

The history of the First Strike brand is long, much longer than many paintball players suspect. The actual company behind the First Strike brand is UTS. – That stands for United Tactical Systems. This company has been developing training equipment and non-lethal weapons for police, authorities and the military in the USA for years. A particularly large customer of UTS was the Blackwater company, which at the time came into the public eye as a mercenary force and its abuses in the Iraq war. For the realistic training, Blackwater needed an inexpensive training weapon with precise ammunition. This led to the development of the first T4 weapon models, which were then still sold under the company name Tiberius Arms. UTS also developed the very special First Strike ammunition parallel to the Tiberius Arms T4.

Gradually, paintball players and especially the snipers among them became aware of these special, albeit very expensive, bullets and so they found their way into the private sector and into the paintball industry. Tiberius Arms then began to expand its product range and developed more paintball marker models as training weapons. The paintball range has served as a comprehensive "test field" for these products for years. Since the worldwide paintball scene is very large, it offers an excellent reference point and is the testing ground of UTS. In order to separate the products used for the paintball market from the rest of the range, it was decided to make the successful First Strike paintballs the eponymous product of this brand, which was specially founded for paintball sports and the civil sector.

Thus the First Strike brand was born. We're playing here with military training gear as a matter of fact.

First Strike Paintballs – The paintball bullets for snipers and snipers

First Strike did not make its big breakthrough with its paintball markers, but with the very special ammunition that they fire. First Strike or Tiberius Arms paintball guns used to be the only ones on the market that could reload or shoot First Strikes at all. Due to the enormous demand from the players, more and more brands jumped on the road to success and their own First Strike-capable marker models were developed. These special weapons are now summarized under the term MagFed Paintball Marker . Of course there are also MagFed paintball markers that can only shoot normal paintballs, so-called roundballs, but these are the exception in MagFed.

First Strike paintballs are characterized by their special structure. The shell of the balls is not made of gelatine, but of a plastic polymer. The filling is thicker and much heavier than normal paintballs. Also, the outer front is completely different. It is more like a real rifle bullet and has a so-called fin in the rear with twisted lines and fields on the outer skin, which not only stabilize the bullet in flight, but also cause it to rotate. Due to this special structure, First Strike paintballs fly almost twice as fast and twice as far as normal paintball balls. A crucial advantage on the pitch. For snipers in paintball sport, First Strike Paintballs are the only realistic option for shots at distances of 100m and more.

First Strike paintball markers at a glance

Today, the First Strike brand offers a variety of different paintball marker models for sale. Starting with the bestseller, the First Strike T15 , through its numerous model variants, to the First Strike FSC pistol , a compact handgun. But with the First Strike Scout, there is now also a separate sniper model available for pure snipers. First Strike is always trying to expand this range and surprises the scene almost every year with a few new models. Most recently, the Roscoe Paintball Revolver, a compact and optically very interesting handgun, was presented as a backup model.

The First Strike T15 is an original AR15 paintball marker

The currently best-selling model is probably the proven First Strike T15 paintball marker . This model is an almost 1:1 replica of the AR-15 assault rifle, the world's best-selling fully automatic weapon. The First Strike T15 can be upgraded and expanded with almost all original AR-15 attachments. This guarantees a high-quality original look and that's exactly what the MagFed Paintballs fans who have chosen this model for themselves are looking for.

In the meantime, the First Strike T15 has been released in numerous other model variants. They are available as a CQB (Close Quarter Combat) version, as a so-called DMR long gun and as compact PDW and MP submachine guns. This makes the First Strike T15 one of the most versatile paintball marker models on the market and offers practically every type of player the right model according to their wishes.

The First Strike FSC Paintball Pistol – Handy, compact and precise!

This model is currently the smallest and lightest paintball gun in the world. It has a magazine with a capacity of 7 rounds and is currently the only paintball pistol that can fire First Strike paintballs as standard. This means that the range of this small weapon is around 80 meters. This is unique in the world!

The First Strike Scout sniper rifle

Attention snipers, here comes the First Strike Scout. After the success of the Carmatech SAR-12 as the best paintball sniper rifle in the world, First Strike really wanted to follow suit and developed its own paintball sniper rifle , the Scout. The Scout has solid technology inside and is therefore very precise. It uses the standard First Strike T15 magazines and can, of course, shoot First Strike paintballs precisely at a distance of 100 meters and more. A really cool sniper weapon for all long-range shooters and those who want to become one.

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