First Strike T15 V2 replacement magazine - First Strike Ready (30 rounds) - SMOKE

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Product description

The new T15 V2 30-shot magazines for the First Strike T15 have been optimized for use with First Strike paintballs compared to the previous models.

The extra large 30 shot version was specially developed for all players who want to carry even more ammunition with them.

Due to a more solid design and a stronger spring, these magazines are significantly more effective than the previous model.

Product details of the First Strike V2 30 round magazines:

- new, reinforced polymer housing

- Suitable for normal paintballs (hard paint!) and first strike paintballs

- Tool-less design, easy to disassemble and clean

- Holds 30 rounds of First Strike paintballs

- 3D textures on the surface for maximum grip

- Color SMOKE

Delivery quantity: 1 magazine

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