First Strike T15 Dealer Service Kit (Large)

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Product description

The Tiberius Arms T15 Dealer Service Kit is the largest of the 3 spare parts kits available for this marker. It is particularly interesting for teams and dealers because it contains a particularly large number of parts, most of which have multiple versions.

It includes the following components and spare parts:

T15 Mag Body Screw

CO2 stem o-ring

T15 Rear Air Plug O ring

Shroud Mounting Screw O-Ring

T15 grip screw

Handle Lock Washer- F4.0

Split Shot O ring

T15 Selector Index Spring

T15 selector index pin

Detent/Sight Set Screws

T15 lower receiver cross pin

T15 Ejector Door Spring

T15 Detent Adjust Screw

T15 Detent Plug Screw

T15 Barrel Index Spring

T15 Barrel Index Ball

T15 Elbow Clamp Nut- Black

T15 Elbow Clamp Screw

T15 Sear Spring

T15 trigger spring

T15 Pawl Spring

Air Chamber OD O-ring

Rubber Nubby

T15 Barrel Sleeve Ret Ring

T15 Barrel Nut Snap Ring

T15 Delta Ring Wave Spring

T15 Striker Spring

T15 Striker Inner Screw

T15 Striker Screw lock washer

T15 Striker Top Screw

Bottle Adapter O ring

Regulator spring pad o-ring

T15 Manifold Seal o-ring

T15 Valve Seat O ring

Hopper/Catch/Rel. fork screw

T15 Valve Spring

T15 Valve Pin Complete

Upper manifold O-ring

T15 velocity adjuster

Detent/Sight Set Screws

T15 retention pin spring

T15 retention pin

T15 Air Manifold O ring

Barrel Catch/Lock Screw

T15 Mag Body Screw

Barrel Catch/Lock Screw

T15 Follower Retaining Ring Sc

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