Color powder for paintball & airsoft mines (75g bag)

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Product description

Color powder for use in paintball mines and grenades to clearly identify and mark targets during exercises etc.

The powder is made entirely from natural materials and is 100% biodegradable, making it safe to use anywhere.

Since the powder is very fine, goggles / mask should still be worn, as is usual with paintball and airsoft sports. However, if the powder comes into contact with the eyes, it can easily be washed out with tap water.

Depending on the batch, the color of the powder may vary slightly from the picture, these natural variations arise during production. If the color you have ordered is not available, we reserve the right to send another color that comes close to the desired color in the color range.

A sachet of powder is usually sufficient for several fillings, depending on the model variant of the mine used.

Delivery quantity: 1 bag with 75g content. (please choose color)

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