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Exalt Paintball Products – The Novelties 2018
Monday March 19, 2018

2018 will be a big year for Exalt Paintball!

At this year's Paintball Extravaganze trade fair in the USA, a lot of new products were once again presented. While most manufacturers came up with one or two big innovations, Exalt Paintball has once again drawn from the full and not only presents numerous new products and product designs, but also a new edition of numerous tried-and-tested top products in new color combinations.

Exalt Free Flex protective equipment – Now also in black

One of the most interesting novelties for all tournament players is the Exalt Free Flex protective equipment for paintball sports. This consists of slide shorts, knee and elbow pads and was previously available in the color combination grey/green. Simply Exalt typical colors. The customers were probably not very comfortable with this color combination, which was reflected in the sales figures. Exalt reacted to this and relaunched the collection in black. The result is a real treat for the player's eye. The new collection is much more appealing and has a nice aggressive look. In addition, the Exalt products are around 15% cheaper than most competing products on the market, and with the same quality. We have a clear buy recommendation here.

Exalt Hard-Cases Collection in Lime Green – NEW at Paintball Sports

If you want to safely transport paintball markers, hoppers, HP systems or paintball masks away from the field, you usually have at least one bag made by Exalt. The very wide range of bags is unparalleled in terms of selection, quality and workmanship and is largely unrivaled on the paintball market.

So far, Exalt had opted for a simple, black design that mostly had a bright green inner lining. Just the typical Exalt color by which you can recognize almost all products quickly and easily. From 2018, all hard cases will now also be available in the color Lime Green. A rich neon green that is simply striking. The perfect alternative for everyone who likes it a little more conspicuous or simply always overlooks the mask when it is lying around somewhere. This collection definitely stands out from anything that has come before. It just doesn't get any louder than that.

Paintball Sports – Your big Exalt Paintball Shop

As a long-standing partner of the Exalt brand, we of course carry the entire range and also bring the latest products across the pond for you. The entire 2018 collection can already be pre-ordered in the online shop and will be available at the beginning of April.

Our range already includes over 150 Exalt products and will continue to grow in the coming weeks and months. If you want to buy Exalt products, you've come to the right place. We not only have the classics like the Exalt Barrel Maid, probably the best-selling paintball barrel cleaner in the world, but also all the accessories, spare parts and attachments that Exalt has. Simply order in our large Exalt Paintball Shop .

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