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Everything about DPL & Co – The 2019 season
Tuesday July 9, 2019

Update on the status of the German Paintball League.

At the current time, all classes in the German Paintball League, from the district league up to the 1st Bundesliga, have already completed at least two matchdays. 3 matchdays have already been played in the 3rd Bundesliga and the Regionalliga, but unfortunately the results were not known at the time of going to press. This is already half-time in the 2019 DPL season. Let's start in the premier class, more precisely in the 1st & 2nd Bundesliga. Here you can already identify a rough trend and a few favorites after currently 9 matches played. At the top of the table, with a clear five-point lead, is the Breakout Spa team from Belgium.


VENUE: Solms / NEXT MATCHDAY: 14.07.2019

With 8 wins and only one draw from 9 games, the champions from last year clearly underpinned their title ambitions for this year and are well on the way to claiming the German championship title again. But the season is still long and the German team Cologne Hurricanes, led by paintball veteran Stephan Steiner, as well as The Lucky 15s Staffordshire, who are tied on points, are hot on the Belgians' heels. Currently, the two second-placed are still 5 points behind, but that can change quickly in the course of the season. The Dye Europe factory team Comin@Ya Offenburg is currently in third place.


VENUE: Solms / NEXT MATCHDAY: 13.07.2019

In the 2nd Bundesliga it is currently much tighter at the top. The teams Cologne Hurricanes 2 and Risk Factor Heidelberg share the lead of the table. Both teams currently have 19 points from 9 matches to their credit. The hot pursuers are currently called Cologne Preadatos 2 and Friedrichhafen Invaders. The interesting thing about this table constellation is that neither the Cologne Hurricannes nor the Cologne Predators could be promoted due to the sister team rule. Both squads already have a team in the 1st league and are not allowed to register a second one. So it remains exciting who will ultimately win the promotion to the premier class.


VENUES: Altlay, Burg, Garzau, Günzburg, Hildesheim, Karlsruhe, Solms, Wöbbelin

A little further down in the league ranking we find the 3rd Bundesliga. This will be divided into two regions across Germany and will be held with 12 teams each in the north/east and south/west regions. In the north, Ballistics Göttingen and Kingsize Berlin are currently tied for first place. Closely followed by the Dutch team Ugly Ducklings Odensee. Our Factory Team Hannover Showdown is currently in 8th place after a very weak 2nd matchday. In the South/West region, Killzone Army Bavaria Einsiedl leads the field, but is still being chased by the teams Regensburg Inflame and Unleashed Schömberg, who are in second and third place.

Below you will find an overview of the other leagues and the top table positions. We have shown the current first three places in all leagues for you. At this point we ask for your understanding that we unfortunately do not have enough space in the booklet to display all league tables in full. We therefore limit ourselves to the Bundesliga tables and the top rankings in the regional leagues down to the district leagues.


VENUES: Günzburg, Solms, Altlay, Wöbbelin, Burg, Hildesheim

The regional league is the first BYO format in the DPL and also the stepping stone to the Bundesliga. Only one team per region makes the coveted promotion to the 3rd Paintball Bundesliga.


VENUES: Garzau, Günzburg, Hildesheim, Karlsruhe, Mönchengladbach, Solms, Wöbbelin

The Oberliga is the highest division of the FPO leagues. Anyone who manages to get promoted may play in the regional league the following year.


VENUES: Altlay, Burg, Günzburg, Hildesheim, Mönchengladbach, Solms, Wöbbelin

The Verbandsliga is the first division with a real X-Ball format. Here the breaks between the games are shorter because you always play several points in a row.


VENUES: Altlay, Garzau, Günzburg, Hildesheim, Karlsruhe, Leipzig, Mönchengladbach, Solms, Wipperfürth

This 5-man format of the DPL is played in the hit-the-base format and forms the lowest division of the 5-man leagues in paintball sports.


VENUES: Altlay, Burg, Garzau, Günzburg, Hildesheim, Karlsruhe, Leipzig, Mönchengladbach, Solms, Wipperfürth, Wöbbelin

The 3-man youth league. Here you will find mainly junior teams and small fun teams. The game is played in hit-the-base format.

As far as our overview of the current status in the German paintball league. So that you don't miss any of the other game days, we have listed the dates of the remaining game days for this year below. Just drop by at a game day in your region. Admission is free and the teams and field operators are always happy to see spectators on the edge of the field. For everyone who is interested in Bundesliga paintball, we would also like to point out the free DPL live stream. The third and fifth match day will be broadcast live from Solms. You can find the live stream with six camera perspectives and live commentary on the DPL Facebook page (

We wish you a lot of fun watching and keeping our fingers crossed.

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