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Event report for the OBS 2019
Tuesday February 26, 2019

Europe's largest MagFed event


From Friday, April 26th, 2019 to Sunday, April 28th, 2019, the largest MagFed Paintball Game in Europe will take place for the 9th time in Mahlwinkel in East Germany. At the so-called OBS, the best and most experienced MagFed paintball teams and players from over 12 nations meet for a now legendary and unique 24-hour non-stop event. In 2019, the organizer expects several hundred participants again.

The game is played on a former Russian military airfield. The area covers around 90ha (900,000 m2) and offers a huge, varied play area with large areas of forest, countless buildings and bunkers. An extraordinary atmosphere that guarantees a unique gaming experience.

Operation Black Sky is a game concept based on real (military) scenarios. In three fractions, which in turn are divided into so-called trains or groups, the players are under adrenaline for 24 hours without long breaks. The physical and mental demands of this 24-hour ordeal are enormous. “The OBS is definitely not for wimps. As a player, you quickly reach your physical limits here " – says organizer Ulli, who is better known to the players on site by his nickname "Jag Attack".

Various missions that build on one another must be completed day and night in order to be victorious in the end. The opposing factions, the unpredictable weather and the inner bastard are constant companions and do not make it easy for the players. But if you make it with your buddies, you will be proud of it for the rest of your life.

The organizers ensure a realistic ambience with various special effects and the use of real military vehicles and tanks. In addition, various NPC players (non-player characters) support the course of the storyline and the realistic gameplay, for example by slipping into the role of executives, villagers or units of a third party and giving the gameplay new features and decisive twists again and again.

The organizational effort for such an event is enormous. Martin Liepe is the mastermind behind the planning team for the mission components and the storyline of the events. "The preparations for such an event take about two months, without the support of the teams and players from the scene as well as the support of various manufacturers and shops, the implementation would be almost unthinkable ." says the experienced event organizer.

Nevertheless, in contrast to other events, the Operation Black-Sky series avoids an excessive event character. The focus is clearly on the game and the sporting willingness to perform of each individual.

If you are now curious about the "Operation Black Sky" series, you can find more information on the organizer's homepage.



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