Empire EVS Paintball Thermal Mask Glass (HD Black Chrome)

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Product description

Thermal mask glass for the Empire EVS mask. The glasses are of very high quality, have a strong, very scratch-resistant surface (as you are used to from Empire glasses) and offer UV protection.

The thermal glasses & their function at a glance:

Clear = clear glass, clear view

Yellow & amber = higher contrast vision, the yellow filters the blue components out of the light. Yellow lenses are also used, for example, by sport shooters. Also darkens a bit.

Smoke & Ninja = Darkened visor, similar to sunglasses. Optimal in very bright light conditions.

HD = Usually an amber lens, darkens slightly and creates a sharper contrast field of view.

Mirror colors = mirrored from the outside, prevents the player from being recognized under the mask. The sunnier the weather, the better the effect. The glass is slightly darkened, like sunglasses.

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