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Dynamic Sports Gear RAM Ammo / Cal. 43 paintballs
Friday June 29, 2018

Dynamic Sports Gear – The new top brand in the Cal. 43 RAM paintballs

If you are looking for high-quality RAM ammunition for your Walther PPQ or a marker from the Umarex T4E series , you have had problems finding the right product for a long time. Either the bullets were too soft and burst directly in the barrel or they were out of round and flew badly.

With Dynamic Sports Gear, a manufacturer has finally taken on this problem and in the first edition has produced a new, very high-quality Cal. 43 best quality paintball on the market.

What is special about it, in addition to the really good workmanship and very accurate flight behavior, is the immensely large selection of colours . If you were previously happy if you could buy reasonably good RAM ammunition in any color at all, Dynamic Sports Gear comes with 3 different color variants right from the start. The Cal. 43 paintballs from DSG are currently available in the colors orange , blue and yellow .

According to Dynamic Sports Gear, an expansion of the product range to up to 10 colors is planned by the end of the year. Green , pink , red and white are currently being promised as further color variants. In addition, special ammunition for authorities and terrain with special requirements in clear with a transparent filling, as well as a black shell with a colored filling.

The product details of the DSG Cal. 43 paintballs at a glance

Below we have given you the product specifications of this new Cal. 43 Paint is listed in bullet points so that you can convince yourself of the key data.

– Cal. 43 color ammo

– Delivery quantity 500 pieces (plastic bag with label)

– Stable shell and richly opaque color filling

– Well suited for RAM weapons such as Walther PPQ and Umarex T4E markers

– Bursts well on hard ground

– Large selection of colors for better hit differentiation & training effects

This RAM ammunition impresses with its quality

We have been able to test the product in practice for a few weeks now and are convinced of the result. In all bags the processing of the Cal. 43 paintballs very well. The bullets are round, have a solid shell with no dents, yet reliably burst on target. However, as with all types of RAM ammunition , it requires a significantly harder surface than normal paintballs. This is simply for physical reasons. The surface of the RAM paintballs is smaller, the shell is a bit thicker, and the surface tension is therefore many times higher. So these paintballs just can't burst as well as comparable Cal. 68 paintballs. You can compare this with soap bubbles, for example. A large soap bubble always bursts much easier than a small one because the surface tension is completely different. The situation is very similar in comparison to Cal. 43 to Cal. 68 paintballs.

The precision of the Dynamic Sports Gear Cal. Incidentally , 43 paintballs particularly convinced us. With a Walther PPQ Cal. 43 RAM pistol we were able to accommodate an entire magazine in a hit field of approx. 20x20cm at an effective training distance of approx. 10 meters (realistic shooting distance in the MagFed and scenario area). That's really very accurate for a paintball gun and we're really not master marksmen.

So much for our feedback on the new RAM ammunition from DSG. We hope you enjoyed our report, as always, and now we wish you a lot of fun with the new product.

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