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Dynamic Sports Gear First Strike T15 Power Tube
Wednesday September 16, 2020

Maximum performance increase for your First Strike T15 marker!

The manufacturer Dynamic Sports Gear has been known for years in the paintball scene for its high-quality and innovative tuning and accessory parts. Now the German luxury manufacturer has announced another milestone in terms of paintball marker tuning with the First Strike T15 Power Tube. T15 players love their marker, but also know all too well about the numerous teething problems and manufacturing tolerances that this model brings with it. Dynamic Sports Gear promises to put an end to all of that with just one component.

What can the new Dynamic Sports Gear T15 Power Tube do?

The question should probably be, what can't he do? – Hardly any other upgrade component has so many advantages. Below we have summarized all the improvements for you.

1. Maximum air efficiency

In its series construction, the T15 marker is anything but air-efficient. A lot of air is lost between the individual components of the bolt mechanism. With the installation of the DSG T15 Power Tube, this is now significantly improved. Since the Power Tube is made from a single, continuous piece of aluminium, there are no gaps or any air outlets. The bolt is finally "tight" and the air lands where it belongs, namely on the paintball. If you want to check this easily, take your T15 marker and hold it over the Chrony. Then simply install the Dynamic Sports Gear T15 Power Tube and hold it over it again. The air is directed to the ball much more efficiently, which in the first step already results in an approx. 10% increase in FPS speed. – Ergo, you can reduce the performance of the marker by 10% to get back to your original FPS value. The first 10% air savings.

Less visible, but still a fact, is the air saving inside. Due to the improved fitting accuracy of the components and fewer air outlet possibilities inside the marker housing, a further 5-10% air is saved here. In the end, this accounts for around 20% more effectiveness through the installation of the DSG T15 Power Tube.

2. Consistent performance in any weather…

Most T15 players are familiar with the so-called Re-Cock screw in the handle. It controls the reloading process in the marker and ensures that the hammer is returned to its original position with sufficient pressure after the shot. So that not too much air is lost here, you can adjust the Re-Cock-Screw to your personal needs. Depending on the weather and outside temperature, however, air simply expands differently and so a setup that works excellently at around 20 degrees can suddenly fail at just 10 degrees and start "rattling through". This problem is also a thing of the past with the new Dynamic Sports Gear Frist Strike T15 Power Tube . After installation, it is possible to set the Re-Cock screw to a setting of almost "zero" in all weather conditions. This not only saves air, but also significantly improves the performance of the marker.

3. From now on you can play all A5 or Cocker barrels on the T15!

The T15 Power Tube has a front thread as standard, into which barrels can be screwed directly, without additional adapters. The usual T15 bayonet lock is completely omitted and is optionally replaced by an A5 or Autococker thread. Depending on the desired thread, you can choose one of two DSG T15 Power Tube models.

So far, the selection of T15 barrels was very limited and players had to be content with around 5-10 model variants or use a barrel adapter. But since everyone knows that barrel adapters do not necessarily have a positive effect on performance and that First Strike shooters particularly appreciate them, this feature also makes sense. Now you can freely choose from the full range of barrel providers and play eg Hammerhead OneShot or Carmatech Nemesis barrels on the T15.

The wobbling of the T15 standard barrel in the shroud, which unfortunately occurs all too often, has finally come to an end.

These were just the main features of the new Dynamic Sports Gear T15 Power Tubes. But it is far from over. On top of that, the T15 Power Tube is already designed for the new First Strike Box Magazine, which is due to appear in a few months. All T15 players with the old marker model who want to play the box magazine have to exchange the sleeve one way or the other. Then it makes perfect sense to switch to this new tuning part right away.

A final, interesting upgrade is the new hammer clasp. A thin groove is no longer used here, but the power tube is closed at the back with a thread and thus holds the bolt firmly in the housing. More stability and the entire component can be removed closed and safely for maintenance.

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