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Dye DSR paintball markers permanently cheaper
Monday April 29, 2019

Dye DSR paintball marker – now from 699.95 euros!

The Dye company has significantly reduced the price of its premium paintball marker, the DYE DSR . What was first touted as a limited-time offer from Dye now appears to be establishing itself as a general price drop. In any case, the prices of the Dye DSR have not increased for weeks and the sales figures seem to confirm that Dye once again had the right nose.

Buy Dye DSR paintball markers over 20% cheaper.

While the retail price of the Dye DSR was around 900 euros at the turn of the year, players can now save well over 20% on the price and only have to put around 700 euros on the table if they want to buy a new Dye DSR .

This massive price reduction in turn stimulates demand. Since the price cut began, sales have tripled in some areas. Of course, this is not without reason. The Dye DSR is a very mature and powerful paintball marker, which has also found satisfied buyers in the previously targeted price range of around 900 euros. However, in this price range it had to compete with the Smart Parts Shocker XLS and Planet Eclipse GTEK models from other suppliers. By lowering the price to under 700 euros, Dye has simply pulled its marker out of this competitive field and placed it well below it.

The Dye DSR is now alone in the 700 euro marker range with the performance potential of a high-end paintball marker.

We are very much in favor of this price change, because our customers are now much more impressed by the DSR. We thought the DSR was really good before, but at the current price you can't beat it. If you are currently looking for a new tournament marker that does not cost 4 digits and can still play at the top, you should definitely take a close look at the Dye DSR. Maybe in the end she will convince you as much as we did.

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