Dye DSR / M2 UL Air Port Repair Kit

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Product description

Dye spare parts set for repairing the Dye UL On/Off Air Ports on the Dye DSR and DYE M2 marker models.

Components included:

M2 airport push pin x1

M2 airport push guide x1

M2 airport spin cam x1

M2 airport logo screw x1

M2 airport knob,blk x1

NT Airport logo,blk x1

#006 N70 O ring

#010 N70 O-ring, purple x1

#007 N70 O-ring, blue x1

For faster and easier repair of the DSR, Dye offers many spare parts in assemblies with this model. As a player, you no longer have to buy the large, expensive spare parts, but can specifically replace the component or assembly that has broken. A real advantage in terms of marker expectation.

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