Delta Six UL V3 Tactical Gloves (Woodland Camo)

Delta_Six_V3_UL_Tactical_Gloves_Woodland_Camo Delta_Six_V3_UL_Tactical_Gloves_Details
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Product description

The Delta Six UL V3 Tactical Glove is an ultra-light, breathable tactical glove for Airsoft, MagFed Paintball, as well as Woodland & Scenario players or outdoor fans.

The very light and flexible fabric on the back ensures good ventilation and pleasant, trouble-free wearing comfort. The palms on the inside and the fingertips of the index finger and thumb are reinforced with special material. This ensures optimal protection of the hands and a long service life of the gloves. Additional holes on the palms ensure optimal ventilation, so that the hands do not sweat as quickly.

A well thought-out, durable and hard-wearing tactical glove for almost all areas of application with a top price-performance ratio.

Available in sizes M, L and XL, and in the colors black, olive, desert/tan, multicam and woodland.

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